Devil Slayer 

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 Warrior Disciples Devil Slayer church of God to help brake the Snares of the Devil The Devil Slayer organization on the Web

Were all in battle we must stand and fight the war in our mind's and Reality

Devil Slaying is to battle the Demons directly from your mind, The battle field is your minds eye, While you close your eyes yet you still see the battle that takes place in your mind is actually above your head in the lower Realms of Heaven amongst the clouds were Strongholds of the Devil and legion of fallen angels who prowl and seek to Ruin our Souls dwell above our heads in higher places, I say May God brake the stronghold of the Devil and May God brake all Snares of the Devil, May God bless us Devil Slayers who battle these battles we are serving the will of God when we destroy these Devils and Demons we are doing a good deed were helping God to clean up mother earth for us all to live with God forever in a world of love and peace.

God is with us during this war we must fight against the devil and all of this Witchcraft and Satanism

Walk with God and learn from God

You are not too dirty for God to cleanse. You are not too broken for God to fix. You are not too far for God to reach
You are not too guilty for God to forgive. And you are not too worthless for God to love.

The one true church of God is comprised of various individuals from every walk of life, who live in a multitude of place's stretching from one end of the earth to the other. Each of these individuals is a part of the body of Christ, and the very Spirit of Jesus Christ resides in their heart's.

   † May The Holy Sabbath Remain Holy during all of the seasons of the year † Seven days a week. We are going through a spiritual journey of spiritual warfare we must learn from God how to deal with these situations that we haft to live with in our every day life until we can beat these Demonic battles that takes place in our minds.