Devil Slayer 

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                             This is how you disarm and un shield thier protection

Remove thier black shields and destroy them

To destroy Witches Wizards or Warlocks or Sorcerers or Satanist

Un shield the Witch or Wizard

Just say May God Rebuke you Witch May God drain your black shield's and drain your evil and darkness and cast the evil in to Hell and the darkness in to the abyss in to pure darkness, I drain you dry of your life force and your energy and I block you from Satan so he can not help you or charge you back up with his evil and his darkness. May God seek you as you try to escape in to the Succubus through her lair through her private part, May God destroy you and brake your strongholds of magic. May the Holy Sabbath Rebuke the black sabbath the witches Sabbat and the sabbath bloody sabbath May God Rebuke the devils and cast them all in to hell and darkness and destroy these Snares of the devil.

To Destroy a Satanist the helping hands of the devil

I Say May God Rebuke black mass and Satanism and May God seek them out and burn them in side out with the fires of Hell . I send Hell upon you Satanist and I drain your evil and darkness away from you as you try to shield your selves, I drain all of the black away from you and I un shield you and I cast the black and darkness in to the abyss in to pure darkness. May my Holy Ghost seek you and destroy you by the grace and will of God you are no match for me the devil slayer May God Rebuke you and destroy you in your  black shields as you try to hide from me to Regenerate I block you from Satan May Hell seek your strongholds and your wickedness and brake them all by braking all chains of Snares brought on to me from the father of Sin. 

God is a chain breaker

Do not let anger Discourage you

Braking the Wicked spells of witchery