Devil Slayer 

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Warrior Disciples Devil Slayer church of God to help brake the Snares of the Devil                                               The Devil Slayer organization on the Web
        Were all in battle we must stand and fight the war in our mind's and Reality

                                       AUTHORIZED 1611 KING JAMES VERSION
                                              available as a free download from
                                                The Sword bearer organization

       Bible study is here for you to read and learn from Gods word the Holy bible

Welcome to the Devil slayer church of God I am brother William I am an ordained Minister of God join me and become a Warrior Disciple of Christ stand walk with God learn from him the Strategy of Warfare as you battle the strongholds of the devils legions of fallen angels who seek to Ruin our Souls May God bless you and thanks for visiting my church on the web the Holy Bible to read is the KJV written years ago by people who serve our lord God inspired by the Holy Spirit the oldest bible in the World is the Codex Sinaiticus