Devil Slayer 

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                                                                      Angel of Death

Pray to Saint Michael the archangel in your hour before Death and ask him to deliver you to God in Heaven he is our protector I trust him with my life my Soul he is for us and not against us he is our safe guard against the Wickedness and Snares of the devil May God bless Michael the archangel as he fights for us in battle May God bless us Christians with peace and knowledge beyond the grave as we face death in our Reality

May God Rebuke black death May God Rebuke the Reaper I say May God bless my soul as I plow down what they had crept in the fields of war in the battle of my mind as I slay he who Reaped what he sowed with his dirty Mind May God plant my good seeds as I Reap the earth doing good deeds May God grant me Victory over death and Sin the Wine was Ripe on the Vine in the hills and mountains flows with abundance of it as I drank the Wine it was Sweet as time and the bread of life taste fine as I stand here on the Sabbath day I love my lord Jesus Christ I take up my cross and deny myself as I walk in spiritual battle I brake the Stronghold Snares of the fowl I beat death May my lord God have mercy on my Soul beyond the grave