Devil Slayer 

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Master of  Spiritual Warfare

Brother Billy Dean Englebright

I say walk with God walk with me and my brotherhood of Devil Slayers

      I am a Devil Slayer  (†) I serve God (†) I am a Warrior Disciple of Christ  (†)

Hi there I am a Servant of God. I am building this web based church to help victims like me to battle the Spiritual Warfare that takes place in our mind and our Reality these demonic attack's are no joking matter they are very frightening experiences of the minds eye. I am writing to help brake the stronghold of the enemy that is trying to Ruin our Soul's my Goal is to brake the Snares of the devil and bind him from our minds and blind him from watching are every whim on mother earth as he uses his legion against us during these evil day's. I learn in battle from God what to say as I learn my enemy's Strategy the devil uses confusion to confuse me but by the grace of God. I still use the full power of my mind in battle. While my eyes are closed yet I can still see to do battle in my minds eye. Crazy but true I tell the truth and shame the devil. I have two Swords in my minds eye that constantly battle the enemy in my mind.