Devil Slayer 

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Walk with God learn from God if you do not read the bible ask God to help you learn the bible as you walk with him he does not expect you to read it in one day you have your whole life to learn the bible you can learn the bible just by listening to the bible story on Video or audio or you can read verses of the bible your self The Devil Slayer Organization is here to help you to learn from the King James Holy Bible as you learn from God him self to live a better life through our lord Jesus Christ our teacher our guide we must learn from Jehovah our father in Heaven as we walk with him and Jesus and the Holy Ghost we stand and walk with God he has never forsaken us in battle he is there for us even though you can not see him but you can feel him inside your heart and you know he is good to you he has given you life your gift to him is what you do to serve him with love from you to him your creator God created us from his image he did not create man or woman to be Racist against each other Jesus died for your Sins not your skins trust in the good lord you will find peace and love because God created us to be good people he did not cause the world to be bad the devil did the devil tries to be equal to God he is nothing but a fallen angel who seeks to Ruin our Souls we must learn to defeat Satans armies of fallen angels in battle as we walk with God we will become Gods Warriors to help fight against fallen angels